Tilky Montgomery Jones

"If the music kills me, I rather die happy than living without it"

The Wrong House, 2016

Director: Sam Irvin
Written by: Jeffrey Barmash, George Erschbamer, Barbara Fixx, Peter Sullivan, Sam Irvin (story by)
Cast: Clare Kramer, Tilky Jones, Allison McAtee and others.
Role: Brian Lassiter
Genre: Thriller
Release date: December 26, 2016

Synopsis: Rebecca Lassiter and her husband Brian leave New York City to move to LA  and find the perfect suburban house for them and their young daughter. However, a local personal trainer named Kathleen Strickland has a secret past with this home and becomes distraught when she loses the house to the young couple in a bidding war. Shortly after moving in, Rebecca and Brian notice strange things start to happen.

Sometimes you just buy the wrong house...